art + activism = artivism

We donate 7% of art proceeds to Cedar Row Farm Sanctuary. This funding directly contributes to provide nourishment, shelter, and care for rescued sentient beings. Over $475 has been donated via animal portraits, textiles, and more!

Collaborating with others is primordial to activism, whether via art or beyond. The coming together of individuals with common intentions is an opportunity to learn, grow, and put ethics into practice. If you are interested in a collaboration, please contact us.

Aligning with cruelty-free art supplies is a continual focus. Hemp and organic cotton are preferred painting surfaces, for their environmental and ethical benefits. Working with second-hand fabrics is unique and affordable, with a focus on sustainability.


Thank you to all compassionate supporters! Infinite love and blessings to Chitter Love, Joe Guzvinec, Gene Jacaruso, James Harrison, and all collaborators who continue to uplift these expressions of creative compassion!