art + activism = artivism

7% of proceeds are donated to Cedar Row Farm Sanctuary. So far, over $440 have been donated via compassionate creativity.

Aligning with a cruelty-free range of art supplies is always a focus. This process involves research, patience, and investment. 

Hemp and organic cotton are preferred fabrics to use as a painting surface for their environmental and ethical benefits.

Working with second-hand fabrics is unique, affordable, and brings a greater focus to sustainability.

Thank you to all of the compassionate supporters and contributors who reinforce the creation of artivism!

Immense thanks to Chitter Love, Joe Guzvinec, Gene Jacaruso, and James Harrison for supporting all the artivism which you see here!

Pigs in their last moments, referenced from Gene Jacaruso’s documentation of a Fearman’s Pork Slaughterhouse vigil.
Photo by David Leasa in Stratford, Ontario 2018.